Wagering Technique Leads to Hefty Racetrax Payout

Baltimore resident wins $10,599 prize on a $1 wager

A housekeeper from a Baltimore-area hospital really cleaned up at the track this week. While taking a break from shopping, she settled in to play the Maryland Lottery’s Racetrax game and won $10,599 on a $1 wager!

The 66-year-old Baltimore resident found herself in the Lottery Winner’s Circle after taking a break from shoe shopping at Lexington Market. The lucky lady made her way to nearby Lottery retailer Downtown Tobacco to place a few wagers. Because she was unfamiliar with the game, she studied the virtual races, noted finishes and planned her bets. Three wagers gave her a taste of success as she won small prizes on each race.

Before leaving the retailer, she decided to try one more game and change her wagering technique. She bet the long odds of winning with a Superfecta bet that requires players to select four horses to finish in exact order.

The woman’s Racetrax studies paid off! Her horses finished in exact order – 9, 5, 4 and 3 – and turned her $1 wager into the $10,599 prize. The odds of selecting that winning combination are approximately 1 in 15,914.

The happy player asked a clerk to check her ticket and confirm the win. When told the size of her prize, she began to shake with excitement, she said.

“Lord, have mercy Jesus! I thought I was about to faint!” said the winner.

She plans to use the prize to purchase a new dining room set and will share some of the winnings with family members.

Downtown Tobacco, which is located at 500 West Lexington Street, is also a winner. For selling a winning Racetrax ticket worth $10,000 or more, the store receives a bonus from the Lottery of $105 – equal to 1 percent of the prize.

Racetrax players can enjoy a special promotion now through May 28. ANY $6 Racetrax purchase will receive a $1 discount! The maximum discount given players is $5 on any ticket valued at $30 or more.