Waitress Turns Tip into $30,000 at Lucky’s Last Chance

Buys Twisted Treasures Maryland Lottery scratch-off game

Twisted TreasuresA Somerset County woman who works as a restaurant manager and waitress capped off a grueling 11-hour shift by treating herself to a simple pleasure that led to treasure.

Before going home, the single mom and her co-worker decided to invest some of the tips they’d earned in Maryland Lottery games at Lucky’s Last Chance Store & Grill. While her friend chose Powerball, our hard-working woman tried her luck at a scratch-off game, Twisted Treasures.

“I rarely play Lottery games,” said the Dames Quarter resident. “To tell the truth, if my friend hadn’t bought a ticket, I probably wouldn’t have either.”

Scratching off her game there in the restaurant, the woman at first wasn’t sure whether or not she’d won anything. “I asked the cashier to check and he said that I had won and he thought that it must be a pretty big prize.”

The lucky lady and her friend studied the Twisted Treasures ticket and quickly realized the scratch-off was a $30,000 winner. “It’s not funny to joke about, but I really think I almost had a heart attack,” she said.

The winner and her fiance have definite plans for the $30,000. Between them, they have seven children so they’ll put the bulk of the winnings in the bank. Her lucky break came at Lucky’s Last Chance Store & Grill at 23724 Deal Island Road in Deal Island.

Twisted Treasures still has one $30,000 winning ticket available in Maryland stores.