Waldorf Fan Wins Top Prize on Favorite Game

Fan wins top prize of $50,000 on Saturdays Bonus Match 5 drawing

Saturday evening the Maryland Lottery had a top prize $50,000 winner on the popular daily drawing game Bonus Match 5! A resident from the Waldorf area happened to pick the lucky winning numbers and claimed the top prize during the weekend.

A fan from the Waldorf area was feeling lucky when they woke up Saturday morning and to test their feeling they decided to try the night’s drawing of Bonus Match 5, which is one of their favorite games to play, and is something they play almost every night. After purchasing their ticket for the evening drawing, the 68 year old continued with his day until they got home later that day.

Rather than watching the drawing live, the fan informed us that they go online and check the results rather than try to find the results live. After looking and noticing that their numbers were matching the winning numbers the evenings drawing, he was in awe. The winner has mentioned that they have had four numbers match the winning numbers, but never have they had all five.

The lucky winner from the Waldorf area plans to save the money for future endeavors and of course they plan to keep playing Bonus Match 5 hoping to meet with us again very soon. Not only does the winner get a prize, but also so does the retailer who sold them the winning ticket. Because this was a top prize winning ticket, “7/11” in Waldorf, MD off St. Ignatius Drive will be receiving a $500 bonus for their store. Congrats to both winners!