Waldorf Man Claims $100K Keno Prize

Charles Phillips

Charles Phillips smiles for his $100K Keno win

Third big Keno wins for lucky player

Many Marylanders spend Sundays in December at their favorite bar, watching their favorite football team. That’s how December 15 began for Charles Phillips, but he also played his favorite Lottery game — Keno. That’s when his day became anything but ordinary. Charles won on two of his tickets. One ticket was worth $100,004 and the other $30,000.

On one ticket, Charles played a ten spot using the numbers 71-80. On the other ticket, he played an eight spot, with the bonus, using some of the same numbers. “Once I realized how much I had won, I put the tickets in my pocket and went home,” said the 64-year-old.

When he arrived home, he sat his wife, Marlene, down and told her he had something to tell her. “I knew it was good news by the look on his face,” she said. “Then, he told me about the $30,000 win and told me that was mine. He then said he also won $100,000. I was speechless.”

Charles claimed the $30,000 winner back in December and returned to Lottery headquarters today to claim the $100,004 prize. The Phillips are not newcomers when it comes to winning a Lottery prize. A few years ago, Charles won $20,000 playing the same game.

With the two most recent prizes, Charles, who works as a building manager at the Smithsonian, plans on buying Marlene a new car and putting the rest into his retirement fund. With plans of retiring this year, Charles can now do so with a few extra dollars in his pocket.

The winning tickets were purchased Mac’s Sunnybrook Bar, located at 9001 Livingston Rd. in Ft. Washington.