Waldorf Man Wins $50,000 Playing Cash Spectacular [VIDEO]


It was a spectacular night for a Waldorf man and his family after he scratched a winning $50,000 Cash Spectacular scratch-off. What at first seemed like only a $5,000 win turned into a $50,000 cash total after winner Mark Howard scratched the entire ticket.

After buying the last four Cash Spectacular tickets available at his local retailer, Mr. Howard went home and worked on his truck before remembering he had purchased the tickets earlier that night. Howard won small cash prizes from two of his first three tickets and was excited that he was “ahead.”  Thinking his luck had run its course and the fourth ticket wouldn’t be a winner, he was shocked when he saw that he won $5,000.  As the 36 year-old husband and father describes it, “I screamed ‘I won the Lottery!  I won $5,000!’”  His entire family then surrounded him as he continued to scratch the ticket to reveal even more winnings.

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With each scratch showing more winnings, the winner’s wife was so excited that her knees buckled and she fell to the floor.  As Howard described it, “The first was $5,000, the second was $5,000, the third was $5,000 and on and on.  My wife was getting more and more nervous and she fell!”  After making sure his wife was okay, the family anxiously watched him scratch the remaining winning numbers, which totaled $50,000. He then put the ticket in between his mattress and box spring and had a sleepless night; constantly checking to make sure the ticket was still there.

Mr. Howard plans on using all of his winnings to make a down-payment on a home; something that he and his wife did not think was possible until their big win.  The winning ticket was purchased at Scott’s II at 7050 Port Tobacco Road in Welcome.

Mark Howard - Cash Spectacular

Waldorf resident Mark Howard shows off his SPECTACULAR $50k win