Waldorf Woman Wins $77,777 Supreme 7’s Top Prize

A Waldorf woman turned a normal day at work into a “supreme” day that she will remember forever. The 60-year-old is very happy that she decided to buy a $5 Supreme 7’s ticket.  She immediately recognized that the ticket was a winner. “I knew that I had won,” she said. “I was just very surprised and stunned.”  The winner immediately told her co-worker about the win. “I told the lady I work with, ‘I believe I just won $77,777.’”

“I called my sister and told her the good news right away,” said the woman. “She then called my son to tell him what happened.” Ultimately, the ticket checked out and the happy winner will put her prize money towards paying taxes and buying a new car. The winning Supreme 7’s scratch-off was purchased at a Bryantown Store, located at 6435 Leonardtown Rd. in Bryantown.