Wash, Dry, Fold and Scratch off a $100,000 Prize

Rockville man finds lucky instant ticket at laundromat

Doing your laundry can pay off! A Montgomery County man won a $100,000 top prize on The Money Game scratch-off while doing his laundry last Friday.

Every week, the 34-year-old scratch-off fan keeps to a routine of doing laundry and playing scratch-offs. He received quite a surprise in between washes on the day he found his fortune at Aspen Hill Laundromat and Cleaners in Silver Spring.

The married father of one, who has another child on the way, sat down last week with several instant tickets and began to play his games. The Rockville man stopped scratching, though, when he saw the symbol of a stack of coins above a $100,000 prize on The Money Game scratch-off.

“I was so excited and happy,” said the big winner.

The lucky player immediately gathered his things and went home to share the news with his wife. The surprised mom asked, “What are we going to do with all of this money?” the winner recalled.

The winner, who works as a painter, knows exactly what to do with his newfound wealth and that is to provide a bigger space for his growing family. He plans to use some of the winnings for a down payment on a new home, will open an account for his future bundle of joy and save the rest of the prize for the future.

The big winner is not the only person celebrating. Aspen Hill Laundromat and Cleaners located at 14021 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring is also winning. The lucky retailer will get a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize winning $100,000 winning ticket.

The Money Game scratch-off, which launched in August, still has five $100,000 top prizes, 25 $10,000 prizes and hundreds of thousands of others ranging from $10 to $1,000.