Wedding Bells Ringing for Lottery Scratch-off Winner

$50,000 Monopoly Prize Will Finance Couple’s Big Day

MonopolyA Hagerstown bride-to-be can check a huge “to do” item off her wedding planner. While claiming her $50,000 top prize on the Maryland Lottery Monopoly scratch-off, the happy woman announced plans to spend her win on her fall wedding and a new car.

While she enjoys playing both the scratch-off and board game versions of Monopoly, she finds the scratch-offs take far less time and are just as fun – especially when you win! “This is my favorite ticket,” said the restaurant server. “I play it and win almost every time.”

The lucky woman reinvests her small wins of $5 to $25 into more Monopoly scratch-offs. The day she won her top prize was like any other day. The 33-year-old and her fiancé were running errands and stopped to buy gas en route to pick up one of their three children. While at the store, she bought four of the $5 tickets. Fate smiled on the couple and gave our winner an eye-opening surprise.

“I scratched the second ticket off and showed it to him,” she said. “I just couldn’t believe it.”

Our blushing bride-to-be found her Lottery luck at AC&T Food Mart at 11564 Hopewell Road in Hagerstown.