West Virginia Man Crosses Border to Find Lottery Luck

A scratch-off fan from West Virginia told Maryland Lottery officials last week that he loves everything about his home state – except its lottery. He saw his affection for Maryland’s games rewarded with a $50,000 prize, which might not have happened if he lived near the Washington County store where he bought his lucky red Deluxe Crossword scratch-off.

“I really enjoy your crossword tickets,” said the 63-year-old, “so I drove to Williamsport to get a few.” Crossword scratch-offs are popular among Maryland players and, occasionally, multiple versions of a game are available at the same time. “I asked the fellow there for the green crossword game, but he mistakenly gave me the red. I didn’t notice until I’d driven home.”

What a lucky mistake! If he lived closer to the Lottery retailer – Sunoco at 304 East Potomac Street in Williamsport – the married father and grandfather said he might have returned to get the green Deluxe Crossword scratch-off that launched in August. Instead, he decided to play the red version of the game that went on sale in 2017. He revealed a happy surprise minutes later!

“I studied the ticket for a good while after I scratched it,” he said. “It just seemed impossible. $50,000? These things just don’t happen.” Dubious about the top-prize win, the insurance agent asked his wife to look at the scratch-off. “I cautioned her to go slow, to read it very carefully. She came up with the same thing I did — $50,000!”

The Martinsburg couple are nearing retirement and planning to move a few states to the south to be nearer their grandkids. This Deluxe Crossword win, they said, will speed their move considerably.

His lucky red Deluxe Crossword game has three more $50,000 top prizes available as well as eight $10,000 winners. The green version of the game has all nine of its $50,000 big winners still in play.

The lucky Sunoco station also earns a reward for selling the top-prize scratch-off in the game. The Lottery will give the retailer a $500 bonus for its role in the big win.