Western Maryland Player Misses Powerball Jackpot by One Number

Wins $1 million second-tier prize in Feb. 20 drawing

A lucky Clear Spring resident is Maryland’s newest millionaire! His quick-pick Powerball ticket for the Feb. 20 drawing was just one number shy of winning the jackpot.

The 66-year-old plays Powerball weekly and sometimes puts his tickets in a box to check later. But his lucky ticket from the Feb. 20 drawing didn’t stay boxed up for long – not after his brother-in-law called to share the exciting news that somebody bought a $1 million winning ticket at the nearby Dual Highway BP in Hagerstown. That’s one of the winner’s favorite Lottery spots, and his brother-in-law wanted to know if he had purchased a ticket there for the Feb. 20 drawing.

Indeed, he had!

On Feb. 18, the Washington County man purchased five lines of Powerball numbers for the Feb. 20 drawing. He grabbed his $10 ticket and checked its numbers online. To his surprise, the loyal player realized that the last line on his ticket matched all of the winning numbers except the Power Ball. The happy father shared his news with his dubious wife, his brother-in-law and his equally dubious son.

“I had to show him the ticket,” the winner said.

A retired government employee, the new millionaire plans to pay off a few bills, and then invest the rest of the windfall. He also plans to keep playing his favorite game and chasing the ever-rolling jackpot.

Last hit on Dec. 26, the Powerball jackpot has rolled 19 times to an estimated $381 million for the Wednesday, March 6 drawing. The estimated cash value is $228.1 million. During the current jackpot run, players across the country have won six $2 million prizes, 27 $1 million prizes, 76 prizes of $100,000 to $250,000 and 328 $50,000 prizes.

Also celebrating Maryland’s $1 million winning ticket is the player’s lucky Lottery retailer. Dual Highway BP at 1760 Dual Highway in Hagerstown earned a $2,500 bonus for selling a second-tier winning Powerball ticket.