Westminster Local Celebrates the 4th of July with a Star Spangled Win

$10,000 prize is doubled to $20,000 with the Lottery’s $2 Top Prize Doubler promotion

A Lottery winner’s eyes sparkled like fireworks last week when she realized her $10,000 Star Spangled Tripler top-prize winnings were going to be doubled. While stopping for ice cream during the recent heat wave, the federal government employee saw the patriotic scratch-off on display and bought two of them in honor of the July 4th holiday.  Her patriotism made her $20,000 richer.

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The first ticket she scratched was not a winner, so she casually scratched the second and expected more of the same.  The mother-of-one said she was “completely shocked” when she realized that the symbols on her ticket indicated that she had won the top prize. “I  hadn’t won anything like this before so I wouldn’t allow myself to believe it at first.”  She immediately went home and asked her husband of 30 years to double-check the ticket.  After both agreeing that it looked like a winner, they went to a local retailer to scan it and make sure they weren’t seeing things.  With a huge grin, the lady behind the register said, “I think you have a winner!” The winner told Lottery officials, “We were nervous and excited all at the same time!”  She continued, “I thought I had heard about some kind of top-prize doubler but wanted to come in to your office before even thinking that was a possibility!”

The winner plans to put her prize towards her daughter’s law school education and a few small bills. The winning ticket was sold at Jiffy Mart at 74 West Main Street in Westminster.