Westminster Retiree is all Smiles after Big Win

Scratches $20,000 Cash Word Top Prize

Betty Little - Cash WordSeeing, it seems, is not necessarily believing for many Lottery winners.  Even when their numbers match or the game directions make it clear that they’ve won, winners frequently refuse to believe that Lottery luck has found them.  Such was the case for Betty Little of Westminster who visited Lottery Headquarters today to claim a $20,000 prize.  Until she was handed the check, until she had it in her hand, she didn’t truly believe it was really happening.

As a Walmart greeter Betty smiles all day long.  Not surprisingly, that smile made an appearance when she and her family were greeted by officials welcoming her into the family of top-prize Lottery scratch-off winners.  Betty credited a simple trip to the grocery store for her fortune.  “I finished my shopping and stopped by the Lottery vending machine on the way out.”  She waited until she was home to scratch her Cash Word instant ticket.

“I saw what I thought was a $20,000 winner, but I knew that I couldn’t be reading it correctly.”  Betty brought in reinforcements to confirm the win but, even when her daughter and grandson assured her that she was a winner, she still didn’t believe.  Only when Lottery officials placed the check in her hand was Betty finally convinced.

Betty’s lucky Lottery vending machine is at the Weis Market, located at 630 Baltimore Blvd. in Westminster.