Westminster Woman Plays Birth Dates for $30,000 Keno Win

Flanked by her sister, left, and daughter, “One Lucky Chick,” of Westminster celebrates winning $30,000 playing Keno.

‘One Lucky Chick’ reveals her strategy!

A Keno player from Westminster who has won up to $1,000 using what were previously secret numbers hit it big for the first time on June 14. In telling a family member about her $30,000 winning ticket, she revealed how she picks her winning Keno numbers.

“They’re birthdays,” said the 44-year-old, who is going by the name “One Lucky Chick” for Lottery publicity. She prefers to play Keno over the Lottery’s other games for several reasons. “I have no luck with scratch-offs,” she proclaimed. Another big reason is what happened when she first started playing the game.

“My boyfriend and I were out at dinner and we played,” said “One Lucky Chick.” She won $150 that night. About a week or two later, she played again and won $1,000. From then on, Keno was the game of choice for “One Lucky Chick” and birthday numbers were the secret to her success.

The Carroll County resident has another Keno routine that led to her Lottery luck at Jiffy Mart in Westminster. If she wins a few dollars, “One Lucky Chick” gets another ticket. That’s exactly how she parlayed one prize into her big score. Her winning five-draw ticket featured the numbers 1, 4, 6, 7, 19, 29, 44 and 75.

“I paid for a $10 ticket and I won $10. Then I went back and put $10 on the same numbers and won on the last game,” she said.

Astonished with her Lottery luck, the happy player shared news of her good fortune with family members. She also said she couldn’t believe the big win was real. “I can’t tell you how many times I checked that ticket,” she said.

Her sister asked to see her ticket to double check it and, just like that, her “secret” numbers were secret no more! The sister also confirmed that the ticket was worth $30,000. “One Lucky Chick” said her plans for her prize include a celebration and a family vacation to Florida.

Sharing in the lucky win is Jiffy Mart, which is located at 74 West Main Street. The Lottery will give the Carroll County store a bonus of $300, which is equal to 1 percent of the prize.