White Ice 7s Win in Steamy July a Cool Summer Surprise

Baltimore man claims $7,777 top prize on Lottery scratch-off

149-White-Ice-7s_ITVMA White Ice 7s scratch-off purchase on a sizzling summer day snowballed into a super cool treat for Maryland Lottery player Hamp Byrd of Baltimore. He discovered his icy blue instant ticket was a $7,777 top-prize winner!

The $2 game became his favorite earlier this year when the 76-year-old won a $77 prize. The scratch-off enthusiast unknowingly picked up some Lottery luck along with his favorite instant ticket on July 2, when he made his purchase at O’Connors Liquors and Check Cashing at 4801 Eastern Avenue in Baltimore. Hamp took the ticket home, scratched it off and handed it to his daughter and her husband to review because he has impaired vision.

As their eyes tracked down the ticket, the two saw winning 7s on every line and prizes totaling $7,777! When his son-in-law shared the good news, Hamp said, “My eyes got as big as 50-cent pieces!”

Hamp never expected the win and plans to keep playing his favorite game in case the unexpected happens again. The lucky winner has no immediate plans for his prize, but said he’d probably share it with his immediate family.

The White Ice 7s scratch-off, which launched in June of last year, has just one $7,777 top-prize remaining. In all, there are about 160,000 prizes waiting for discovery.