White Marsh Woman ‘Gobsmacked’ by $100,000 Scratch-off Prize

Wins first top prize in Winter Tripler game

299-Winter-Tripler-ITVMA White Marsh woman who enjoys playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs scored a new personal best playing the $10 Winter Tripler game. She is the first to win one of the game’s four $100,000 top prizes.

The occasional player racked up her first prize earlier this year and her latest lucky scratch-off is her best win yet. “This year has been my year,” she said. “I’m gobsmacked.”

An employee in the “safety” field, she purchased her winning ticket at White Marsh Plaza Liquors in Baltimore. The store is one of her favorite Lottery retailers, she said. The 60-something player plans to use her prize to pay bills. She’s keeping her win – as well as most details of her identity – a secret as she plans to keep working and playing Lottery scratch-offs.

The lucky Baltimore County retailer also shares in the fun of her win. For selling a top-prize scratch-off in the game, White Marsh Plaza Liquors, located at 7968 Honeygo Boulevard, will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.

The Winter Tripler game still has lots of unclaimed prizes. In addition to three more $100,000 top prizes, the game has thousands of prizes ranging from $10 to $3,000. Those who find non-winning scratch-offs can still win by entering the instant tickets into the holiday second-chance contest. The Warehouse Dash is back with more cash and merchandise prizes awarded to 50 winners per week. Find out more here!