White Plains Multi-Match Subscriber Wins $1.5 Million

Chose the cash option of $1 million

An 89-year-old Charles County resident became emotional while sharing his story with Maryland Lottery officials on Monday afternoon. The Multi-Match subscriber had good reason to be moved – he had just finished filling out the paperwork to claim his $1.5 million Multi-Match jackpot prize.

That Nov. 21 win claimed on Dec. 2 has been in the works for quite a long time. “It’s overdue,” said the retiree, chuckling. The widower has played Maryland Lottery games since the Lottery’s inception in 1973 and held a Multi-Match subscription for more than 15 years. He routinely checks his numbers on Sundays against those drawn Monday and Thursday nights in the popular game.

“I had a printout of the winning numbers, took them home and looked at them,” said the kind man with a wavering voice. He had to look twice. “I said to myself, ‘Something isn’t right here.’ ”

The lucky man had matched all six numbers on a single line. For two days, he kept the big win a secret, waiting for his family to visit. “They came over for lunch one day and I told my stepson to take a look at the ticket.”

The group was in awe as they checked the numbers. “Only a few people in the family know,” the man shared.

For now, the White Plains resident plans to keep the winnings safe in the bank. On his way out of the Winners Lounge, he stopped a Lottery employee to ask if he could claim the $100 he had won on the same subscription while at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. It’s safe to say, this lucky man will continue to enjoy playing the Maryland Lottery’s Multi-Match game.

This was the eighth Multi-Match jackpot-winning ticket sold this year, including one held by a 94-year-old retired federal employee who took home $800,000 in April. Watch the drawings at 11:22 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays on WBAL-TV 11, view them on the Lottery website at mdlottery.com or download the Lottery’s mobile app to access winning numbers on your phone.