Whole Store Celebrates Catonsville Man’s Powerball Luck

$50,000 win to fund business venture

 A Baltimore County nail salon employee has been harboring a big dream these last few years. What he hasn’t been harboring is a big bank account to make that dream a reality.  That stumbling block in his plan has been partially addressed by a $50,000 Powerball win.

The 43-year-old Catonsville resident lists Lottery games as one of his favorite hobbies.

“Whenever I have a dollar or two left over from a purchase, it gets set aside for tickets,” he told Lottery oficials. “I always get a Powerball ticket on Wednesdays and Saturdays.”

Having won $10,000 once and $5,000 another times, he tells us that he feels pretty lucky. This was certainly the case back in April when he purchased the Quick Pick ticket that delivered his $50,000 win.

“When I asked the cashier to check my ticket, his eyes got super big,” the lucky winner said. “He checked it again and whispered to me that I’d won.”

Shocked by the news, today’s winner found that he couldn’t keep it to himself.

“I told all the employees and all the customers that were around.  Everyone was shaking my hand and clapping for me. It was fun.”

The winner found his luck at Montgomery Plaza Liquors, located at 6227 Baltimore National Pike in Baltimore.

It sounds as if this third-tier Powerball win might just bring a new small business to Baltimore County, according to the winner. “I have a bill or two to take care of with this, but most is going to an account I’ve established with a partner to open a new business, and this might just push us to the amount we need.”