Windsor Mill Couple Wins $50,000 Playing MONOPOLY™ Scratch-off

Elisa Borjas - Monopoly

The Borjas family celebrate their winning MONOPOLY™ moment.

During a brief visit to a High’s convenience store in Ellicott City earlier this week, Elisa Borjas decided to surprise her boyfriend with a Lottery ticket. She chose the new MONOPOLY ™ scratch-off game because she’d had some luck playing it in the recent past. Minutes later, that sudden impulse dramatically improved the mood in the store and the fortunes of the young couple.

Elisa and her boyfriend have long enjoyed playing instant tickets, scratching them together at home at least once a week. When he began shouting and jumping up and down after playing his MONOPOLY ™ game, Elisa knew immediately what had happened. “We were stunned,” she told Lottery officials. “We couldn’t really talk, but there was a lot of yelling.” The store’s employees and the other customers joined in the celebration.

The couple has not yet decided how the winnings will fit into their lives, though a new car is a definite possibility.

Elisa found her Lottery luck at the High’s convenience store at 64 Frederick Road in Ellicott City.

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