Windsor Mill Man Makes a $1 Million Trip to the Landfill

Kevin Watkins - Powerball

Kevin Watkins of Windsor Mill won the $1 million Powerball second-tier
prize with a ticket purchased after a trip to the county landfill.

Claims Outstanding Second-Tier Powerball Prize

The last time Kevin Watkins won a notable prize playing the Maryland Lottery, neon Spandex and fanny packs were in style. For years, he kept playing the jackpot games, hoping to top his $1,200 win. The 56-year-old finally beat his previous win with a Powerball ticket paid out to the tune of $1 million.

Kevin was heading back from the county landfill when he decided to pull over and stop at a Royal Farms to get an ICEE. While waiting in line to check out, the state employee decided to buy a Powerball ticket with five numbers. Luck would have it that the last row of numbers on the Windsor Mill man’s ticket was a big winner.

“I checked my tickets at another store a couple of days later and saw that I had to come down to Lottery headquarters,” he said.

After checking with the clerk at the store, Kevin went home to look the numbers up on the Lottery’s website. “My wife was with me when I found out the ticket was worth $1 million. She just kept telling me that I was a little too calm for having won so much.”

Although Kevin’s ticket was only one number shy of winning the Powerball jackpot last month, he’s not complaining. “It would’ve been nice to be able to retire,” he admitted. “I probably would’ve catered lunch at work and put in my two weeks’ notice, but this win is still very nice.”

The couple has been married eight years. They plan to pay a few bills and put the rest toward their retirement fund. “My wife and I have a date night every Friday and we make a point of going out for breakfast on Saturday mornings. I’m sure we’ll put a little of the money toward that as well,” Kevin said.

He bought the lucky ticket at Royal Farms #014 located at 4384 Hollins Ferry Road in Baltimore.