Windsor Mill Man Shocked by $50,000 Scratch-Off Win

Mark Alford from Windsor Mill smiles for the camera after cashing in his
$50,000 winning Black Jack scratch-off.

First Top-Prize Winner for Brand New Game

Mark Alford was in a pretty good mood when he stopped at a nearby gas station this past weekend for a snack and a Lottery ticket. He left a few minutes later in a much better mood, thanks to the Lottery’s new Black Jack instant game.

Mark is an excavator, working every day with heavy equipment. In his infrequent free time he enjoys the Lottery’s jackpot games and scratch-off tickets, especially those with card-game themes. “I saw the Black Jack game when I walked in and asked for it right away,” he told officials. Scratching his ticket in his truck, as he does with all of his instant games, Mark revealed all the numbers – but not the related dollar amounts. “I like to look for wins before knowing what each is worth. It’s more exciting that way.”

The Black Jack ticket revealed a win in the fourth of its ten “hands.” Now came the moment of truth for Mark, the time to see just how much he’d won. “I scratched it hoping for $5 or $10,” he admitted. “When I saw what was there I literally could not believe my eyes. I knew I was reading it incorrectly.” What he saw, of course, was his $50,000 prize. “I still don’t believe it four days later.”

The Alfords recently had a baby so this win comes at a very good time for them. If he can wrangle it, Mark tells us, he might also try to add a motorcycle to the family motor pool. Everybody knows that a family with a new baby really should have a motorcycle for quick diaper runs, right? While he probably won’t be getting there on a motorcycle, Mark will continue to get his Lottery tickets at the River Hill Sunoco, 5015 Signal Bell Lane in Clarksville.