Windsor Mill Player Wins $20,289 Playing Racetrax

“Red Dot Big Shark” scored a tasty Racetrax win of $20,289 on Aug. 7 at Red Dot Liquors in Windsor Mill.

Odds aficionado ‘happy to win’ but not quitting his job

For “Red Dot Big Shark,” a Racetrax win of $20,289 is worth talking about but not life changing.

“It’s not celebration money. It’s ‘I’m happy to win’ money. It’s not like I’m going to quit my job,” the 36-year-old man from Windsor Mill explained. He enjoys gambling on two fronts, Racetrax and poker, mainly because he likes the odds on the two games.

This player knows the odds inside and out. For example, he played the Superfecta Wheel bet on Aug. 7. To win, you must pick the first four horses in the order they will cross the finish line. “Red Dot Big Shark” picked the first three horses as 7, 8 and 5 and bet, for 50 cents per bet for 10 drawings, that either horse 9 or 10 would finish fourth. The horses finished in the correct order with No. 9 coming in fourth.

“Red Dot Big Shark,” whose nickname is an inside joke with employees at his lucky Red Dot Liquors Lottery retailer, reports that he wins a fair number of his Racetrax bets. The week of his $20,289 hit, he also picked up a $400 prize, a $1,200 prize and a $7,000 prize. Although his bets are on the exotic side, plans for his winnings are relatively mundane. Some of the windfall will go in the bank and some will pay for a deck he is putting on his house.

Also getting lucky on the play is Red Dot Liquors. The Baltimore County retailer located at 7408 Windsor Mill Road in Windsor Mill scores a bonus of $202.89, equal to 1 percent of the prize for selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more.