Winner Carries $50,000 Lottery Ticket for Nearly Six Months

Knew Time was Running Out to Claim Bonus Match 5 Prize

A Forestville man who carried his $50,000 winning Bonus Match 5 ticket with him for nearly six months finally parted ways with his keepsake at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

The loyal player knew his days with the ticket were numbered, since the Lottery gives winners 182 days to claim their prizes. His win dates back to the Nov. 20 drawing. Because he kept the win a secret, our happy player had no one nagging him to hurry up and claim his prize.

So, where did he hide the winning ticket all of these weeks to keep prying eyes from spotting his good fortune?

“Everywhere I went I kept the ticket with me,” our winner said, smiling. “It’s still a secret.”

The 56-year-old plays Bonus Match 5 several times a week, always playing different numbers. He picks his numbers as he buys the ticket, playing whatever comes to mind. This lucky ticket came from the Forestville Exxon in District Heights, which is one of many retailers he visits for his Lottery play.

After the Nov. 20 drawing, he checked his ticket at a convenience store and realized he won. “I said, ‘Let me catch my breath,’ ” recalled the Prince George’s County resident. “My heart skipped a pace. I said, ‘This can’t be true’ but it really happened.”

Employed in the field of distribution, our winner plans to keep mum about his prize. He is still trying to decide what to do with his win. His lucky store was the Forestville Exxon at 7631 Marlboro Pike in Prince George’s County.