Winning Scratch-Off Gives Bowler a $50,000 Lucky Strike

Deborah McCoy’s $50,000 Fantasy 5s scratch-off win at Thunderhead Bowl is the talk of Taneytown.

Leaves lanes with big win on Fantasy 5s game

An avid Maryland Lottery player was bowled over by what she found after rolling a few frames at Taneytown’s Thunderhead Bowl & Grill. The Carroll County woman discovered the secret to a perfect game after the 7th frame, when she scratched her way to a $50,000 top prize on a Fantasy 5s scratch-off.

The happy player, Deborah McCoy, works part time at Thunderhead Bowl and was with her grandkids when her lucky moment occurred. In between frames, the Taneytown resident purchased a $5 Fantasy 5s scratch-off and began to play the instant ticket. That’s when luck struck!

“It just felt so unreal, like I had just discovered the golden ticket,” Deborah said

Mark Kraus, owner and manager of Thunderhead Bowl & Grill, said the win has become the talk of Taneytown. Deborah’s Lottery luck has increased foot traffic and scratch-off sales, he said. Mark recalled that the moment of her big win started with a yelp.

“I heard the excitement start from my office,” he said. “I heard a scream and came out to make sure no one was hurt.”

The 54-year-old had revealed three stars, which meant she won $1,000. That fact put a big smile on her face. As she continued to scratch off the instant ticket, Deborah revealed a series of five emblems that gave her the prizes beneath each emblem. The prizes added up to $50,000 and a cause for celebration. Deborah remembers letting out a celebratory yelp, but told Lottery officials that the winning moment is still a bit of a blur.

The lucky lady said spending time with family is a true prize and one that became scarce during the pandemic because her family observed precautions. To celebrate the win properly and enjoy lots of time with family members, she plans to use her winnings to take her family of 14 for a trip to Disney World.

The Fantasy 5s scratch-off has been on sale at Lottery locations since November and features prizes from $5 to $50,000. With this win, the $5 scratch-off now has four $50,000 top prizes remaining.

Carroll County’s Thunderhead Bowl & Grill benefits from the big win, too. For selling a top-prize winning Fantasy 5s scratch-off, the business located at 4337 Old Taneytown Road earned a $500 retailer bonus from the Lottery.