Winning Scratch-offs Runs in their Family!

Winning is all in the family! Sherri Stewart of Westminster won $100,000 on scratch-off just one year after her mom won $30,000.

Westminster woman’s $100,000 prize comes one year after mother’s win

Many things are passed on from mother to child – personality, eye color, height – and, possibly, a knack for winning! Sherri Stewart’s mom won $30,000 on a Maryland Lottery scratch-off one year ago and Sherri just followed up with a $100,000 top-prize win on the Maximum Money scratch-off.

A dental assistant, Sherri was with her boyfriend after work when they decided to stop at House of Liquors in Westminster to buy scratch-off games. They purchased a variety of instant tickets, including the $10 Maximum Money scratch-off, to play later at home.

“We actually forgot all about them,” Sherri admitted. “I told my boyfriend that we probably should scratch the tickets.” So, they did.

The couple, like many other scratch-off fans, like to scratch the winning numbers first and then the prizes. In addition, they scratch backward from the end of the ticket to the beginning. The last instant ticket they played in the batch of scratch-offs was the Maximum Money game that carried the big prize.

“It was shocking because I really only expected a $10 win,” said Sherry, who just turned 40 on July 1. “It’s like a belated birthday gift.”

The Westminster woman quickly signed the lucky instant ticket and hid it in a safe. She knew she had to call her mother to share news of her good fortune.

“I remember when she won and I wondered how it must feel,” she said. “Now, I know.”

The lucky player is the owner of a female ferret and, with some of the winnings, plans to get her pet a ferret “brother.” She also plans to pay off bills and use some of the prize toward an already planned vacation.

Sherri’s win also puts House of Liquors in the money. The store located 250 Englar Road will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling the $100,000 top-prize scratch-off in the game. Her lucky game is still packed with big prizes include six unclaimed $100,000 prizes, 20 $10,000 prizes and thousands of others ranging from $10 to $1,000.