Winning Streak Leads to $10,000 Prize for Cockeysville Retiree

Finds luck playing Instant Millionaire scratch-off

192-Instant-Millionaire-ITVM_P4-greenA huge fan of scratch-off games, a 65-year-old woman stopped for gas last Friday at the Timonium Shell on York Road and walked out with $10,000. The lucky player said she was in the middle of running errands, when she stopped to fill her gas tank and unexpectedly filled her pockets, too.

The winner said she tends to play $20 scratch-offs most often because of the bigger prizes. On this particular day, she started with a Black scratch-off and won $100. She then bought two more $20 tickets, winning a total of $55. Still feeling a bit lucky, she purchased two Instant Millionaire scratch-offs revealing a much bigger win.

“After scratching just the top of the ticket, I thought it was a $500 winner,” said the lucky player. “Then I ran it through the machine and knew it was much more.” She scratched the rest of the ticket, revealing a $10,000 win.

The recent retiree wanted to share the news with her mother, but decided to wait until later. She picked her up from the hair salon and went home not saying a word.

“I couldn’t believe she held it in for so long,” said the winner’s 91-year-old mother. “Later that day, she just handed me the tickets from the day and told me to look at them.”

Winning apparently runs in this family. The mother won $10,000 on a scratch-off seven years ago and the winner herself also won a Ravens Cash Fantasy second-chance prize a few years ago.

With this current windfall, the winner wants to invest and use some towards an already planned cruise. She plans to continue to play the $20 scratch-offs and promises to visit Lottery Headquarters again.