Woman Doubles Her Money Twice During $2 Top Prize Doubler Promotion

Lacie Rhodes - Silver 7s

Lacie Rhodes claims her second Silver 7s $2 Top Prize Doubler prize.

Lacie Rhodes, a second-time Lottery winner, considers herself one lucky lady. So lucky in fact that she doubled her money, not once but twice on the same Silver 7s scratch-off, during the Maryland Lottery’s $2 Top Prize Doubler Promotion. The 19-year-old arrived with her boyfriend to claim her newest prize of $7,777 — doubled to $15,554 — and was quickly recognized by Lottery staff. “We get lots of winners,” said one Lottery official. “But this is really rare.”

Though Lottery personnel were amazed by Rhodes’ encore win, the winner was not surprised by her good fortune. “I told my boyfriend, ‘When I get my winnings, I’m buying more Silver 7s tickets,’” she said. “And, I’m going to win again.” She was so enthused about the ticket that she actually got a 7777 tattoo.

The Pennsylvania resident and her boyfriend received her first Lottery check this morning and after going to the bank, stopped to buy more scratch-offs as promised. They were driving to an appointment as she began scratching her new purchases when she discovered her second top-prize win. “I was going insane,” she said.

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Her boyfriend pulled over to the side of the road and they examined the ticket together to confirm that lightning had indeed struck twice. The appointment was quickly cancelled and the pair came immediately to Lottery Headquarters. While the two planned to use their previous winnings to buy furniture and invest, this time around they intend to take a trip to the beach. “This is unreal,” said the winner’s significant other. “The odds of this happening are just phenomenal.”  The winning ticket was sold at Jiffy Mart, located at 2284 Baltimore Blvd. in Finksburg.