Woman Feels Guided to Maryland Lottery Luck Scratch-off Win

Karen Bridges - Luck

Luck was on Karen’s side as she scratched a $30,000 winning ticket

Claims top prize of $30,000 on ticket

Whether it was intuition or spiritual guidance from her late mother, Karen Bridges of Pennsylvania is happy she heeded the thought to buy a Maryland Lottery scratch-off called Luck.

She turned a $3 purchase into $30,000!

The Hyndman resident buys $1 Wild 1s scratch-off tickets about three times a week. On the day she felt guided by strong intuition, the 56-year-old was inside an Ellerslie store in Maryland. Something, she said, told her to look across the store counter. She did and spotted the Luck scratch-offs.

“I know Mom’s spirit was with me,” our winner said. Karen bought a ticket and checked it soon after leaving the Allegany County store. After discovering she won the top prize of $30,000, Karen remembers crying and shaking. She contacted family members to share her good news and her fiancé jokingly replied, “I’ll be your best friend!”

As a tribute to her mother, Karen kept the winning ticket with her mother’s obituary until coming to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore with her daughter to claim her prize.

Although she lives in Pennsylvania, our winner has played Maryland Lottery scratch-offs for years and taken home several small wins. This win is, by far, her biggest one to date. She plans to make some much-needed upgrades to her new home and help some family members in need so she can spread the spirit of good fortune throughout the family. Karen purchased her winning scratch-off ticket at GK Management #1352 at 14409 Ellerslie Road in Ellerslie.