Woman Turns Wait Time into Win Time with Powerball Play

Baltimore resident plans to share her $1 million good fortune

A Baltimore City employee who travels with her sister to and from work every day often waits in the afternoons for her sibling to meet her. On Sept. 29, inspired by seeing a group of happy Maryland Lottery winners, she invested during that down time in a Powerball ticket that turned her into the state’s newest millionaire.

As fate would have it, the 53-year-old data entry specialist was waiting in the right spot to absorb some spillover Lottery luck.

“I noticed several people celebrating a winning ticket in front of a store near where I waited for my sister,” she said. The woman decided to go inside the lucky retailer, which is Holiday Food Mart at 234 Holiday Street in Baltimore.

“I was debating getting either a Powerball ticket or a snack,” she said, “when I figured that I’d be better off skipping the extra calories.”

She bought one $2 ticket and let the terminal quick pick her numbers. Several days later, her sister alerted her that the morning news had reported the sale of a $1 million winning Powerball ticket on Holiday Street. The two women quickly compared her ticket to the winning numbers on the Lottery’s website and began celebrating the life-changing win.

“You should have seen us – screaming, jumping, running from room to room,” she said. “It was wonderful, though I didn’t really believe it could be true.”

The Baltimore resident plans to pay bills and dedicate the rest of her Powerball winnings to her family and friends. Her sibling reported, “My sister helps everyone around her. The only thing that has kept her from giving more is that she didn’t have more to give. Now she does.” The quiet winner responded, “This is truly a blessing.”