Woodlawn Seamstress in Stitches Over $100,000 Scratch-off Win

Shelia Johnson of Woodlawn won the top prize on the $1,000 Frenzy game.

Claims top prize in $1,000 Frenzy game

Though she picked out and scratched off the big winner, Shelia Johnson of Woodlawn credits her happy husband for the $100,000 worth of good fortune she discovered in a $1,000 Frenzy scratch-off. A simple gift, a thoughtful moment, was all it took to put the 51-year-old seamstress on the path to find Lottery luck at Monaghan’s Pub in Baltimore.

“My husband knows I love these tickets so he brought me home two scratch-offs Friday night, ones I hadn’t played before,” said the Woodlawn resident. “I won $50 with them, so when I stopped in at Monaghan’s on Sunday, I picked out that same game, $1,000 Frenzy. It was a busy day for us so I didn’t get a chance to play them until Sunday night. When I did, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

“She came running into the room grinning ear to ear, her face all lit up, asking me to look at the ticket,” said her husband. Lots of celebrating ensued and there was little to no sleep in the Johnson household that night!

The couple plans to dedicate some of their winnings to home improvement projects. They also will add to their savings, pay some bills and donate to a favorite charity.

Monaghan’s Pub, which is now their favorite Lottery retailer, is located at 2121 Gwynn Oak Drive in Baltimore County. For selling a top-prize scratch-off in the $10 game, the lucky retailer earns a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.

The $1,000 Frenzy game still has thousands of winning tickets remaining. Players can look for five more $100,000 top prizes, eight $20,000 prizes and 14 $10,000 prizes in stores. The game is a member of the Frenzy family of scratch-off games. Other members include the $1 $50 Frenzy, $2 $100 Frenzy and $5 $500 Frenzy instant tickets.