Work And Lottery Play At Same Site Pays Off for Scratch-off Winner

Congratulations to James Urbain of Cockeysville, who won $10,000 on the 10x Cash game!

10x Cash game delivers two $10,000 top prizes this week

Two lucky players found $10,000 top-prize winning tickets in the 10x Cash scratch-off game this week. The popular $10 game still has 57 top prizes remaining, along with thousands of prizes of $10 to $1,000.

James Urbain, an employee of Food Lion #1664 located at 122 Cranbrook Road in Cockeysville, is $10,000 dollars richer after winning on the scratch-off he bought at his employer. After work, the Baltimore County resident walked up to the Maryland Lottery vending terminal in the grocery store and purchased two 10x Cash scratch-offs. As soon as he got to his car, the Cockeysville resident scratched off his first instant ticket and was overwhelmed to see his prize!

“I have won before, but never like this!” said the 43-year-old. “As soon as I leave here, I will purchase my Powerball tickets.” He usually plays when jackpots are high and the game has rolled to $403 million for the Wednesday, Feb. 22 drawing. Regardless of how well he fares in the Powerball drawing, James plans to save his winnings for rainy day.

A Baltimore man also won a 10x Cash prize. The 50-year-old found his Lottery luck at 7-Eleven #29731 located at 3003 North Point Road in Baltimore.