Worker’s Morning Routine Jolted by Top-Prize Scratch-off Win

Delaware woman claims $30,000 prize on Loteria game

A self-described creature of habit, Brittny Yost of Delaware was well into a morning routine that would end with her arrival at work when Lottery luck upset the applecart.

The interruption, which the 25-year-old wife and mother of two described as equally stunning and happily overwhelming, took the form of a $30,000 top-prize win on the Maryland Lottery’s Loteria scratch-off game.

“I’m a big scratch fan so I always stop somewhere for a ticket on my way to work,” Brittny told Lottery officials after claiming her prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. On the morning of her big win, the Seaford resident stopped at Easton Sunoco in Easton to examine the Lottery retailer’s scratch-off selection. Her job is nearby at an Easton auto parts store.

“For some reason, it seemed like the Loteria ticket was ‘looking’ at me,” she said. “That, along with my Hispanic heritage, made the decision for me.” A few minutes later, at breakfast with her husband, she scratched off the $3 instant ticket.

“I was sure that I was seeing things, so I gave the ticket to my husband. He saw the same thing, a $30,000 win.” Brittny sat in silent wonder for a minute or two and then began rejoicing. “It was pretty early and the restaurant was pretty crowded, but I couldn’t help it. I just couldn’t keep it in.”

No one seemed to mind the Delaware couple’s celebration, as evidenced by the hugs they shared with strangers at all of the nearby tables.

Brittny and her husband plan to pay bills with the prize and upgrade her car. The game, which debuted more than a year ago, has one unclaimed $30,000 top prize remaining along with thousands of other prizes ranging from $3 to $600.

Also celebrating the win is Easton Sunoco, which earns a $300 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize scratch-off in the Loteria game. The Talbot County business is located at 8359 Ocean Gateway.