Working Mom Hooting with Happiness After $30,024 Powerball Win

Claims Prize from April 30 Drawing

A hard-working mother of six who was struggling to get through a rough day at work wound up hooting with happiness, thanks to a $30,024 Powerball win.

Her frantic Friday improved as soon as the Prince George’s County resident checked her ticket from the April 30 drawing. She had added Power Play to her five panels, or plays, for the drawing and let the machine quick pick four of the five plays.

Sitting in an empty lunchroom, the engineer checked her ticket line by line. Nothing won on play one, nothing on play two, nothing on play three … wait! She had matched four of the five white balls and the Power Ball and had a Power Play multiplier of 3! The engineer let out a huge celebratory hoot and then tried to calm down before returning to work.

“You have to take a chance on luck every now and again,” our happy winner said. The 50-year-old kept checking her ticket that day to make sure it was really a winner. When she got home, she stashed it in her Bible to keep it safe. She’s still keeping news of her win a secret. What will she do with her prize? Spend it on her children’s college educations!

Want to visit her lucky store? Our winner found her fortune at the Bowie Exxon at 1500 N. W. Crain Highway.