Wrong Ticket Becomes Right Ticket for Dundalk Man

Wins $50,000 Playing the Bucks Deluxe Scratch-off

Norman HarvelNorman Harvel of Dundalk is a big fan of Maryland Lottery instant games.  Whenever he visits his neighborhood retailer he carefully examines their selection of scratch-offs before choosing the exact one he wants.  Earlier this week Norman did just that, but when handed the wrong ticket by the cashier he had a decision to make.  He chose well.

Norman decided to keep the Bucks Deluxe ticket he was accidentally given that day.
When asked, he had no explanation.  “It just felt right, it felt like it might be lucky.”  He wouldn’t know, however, until the next day because he pocketed the ticket with plans to scratch it later.  That “later” became the next day and, in fact, it almost didn’t happen at all.  “I’d mixed the ticket in with some papers I was throwing out and almost tossed it.”

The quiet of the Harvel home was quickly interrupted when Norman finally did play his accidental, almost-lost Lottery ticket.  He saw one top hat symbol, then a second and then a third.  Norman then consulted the Prize Legend down below to find what it meant.  “I couldn’t believe my eyes,” he told officials.  “I started shouting.  My grandson came running – he thought I was having a heart attack.”  As exciting as Norman’s $50,000 win was, it became even more so for the family when they realized that Bucks Deluxe was a taxes-paid game.

Norman’s accidental luck found him at North Point Liquors, 1108 Old North Point Road in Baltimore.