Wrong Turn in Washington County Pays off for Pennsylvania Woman

Cynthia Miller and family claim her $50,000 Silver & Gold prize.

Cynthia Miller wins $50,000 Silver & Gold prize

Cynthia Miller was planning a relaxing day shopping at the outlet stores in Hagerstown when she took a wrong turn on the way and got lost.  The frustrated Waynesboro, PA resident pulled into the nearest store she could find to ask for help: she not only left with detailed directions to her destination, but an extra $50,000 in her pocket.

Ms. Miller purchased a $20 Silver & Gold ticket while getting directions from the clerk at Terrace Liquor Store in Hagerstown.  Excited about the prospect of having a few more dollars in her pocket for shopping, she scratched the ticket while still standing in the store.  After a full minute of complete stand-still shock, she immediately called her husband to tell him about the win.  He didn’t believe the news and, until she sent a picture of the ticket from her iphone, thought she was playing a joke on him.  The shocked couple rented a safety deposit box as soon as Miller arrived home from Maryland and left it there for the weekend.  Ms. Miller picked the ticket up from the bank and headed straight to the Maryland Lottery first thing Monday morning.

The lucky winner has three children, two of whom are in college, and is looking forward to using most of her winnings to help with their school expenses.  “This will really help with their college bills,” Miller said excitedly.  She also plans to use a small amount of the money for a 20th wedding anniversary trip to Cabo, Mexico with her husband.

The winning Silver & Gold scratch-off ticket was purchased at Terrace Liquor Store, located at 708 Pennsylvania Avenue in Hagerstown.