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  • mdlottery

    Hi Robin,

    We do not sell tickets via postal mail. You might have been trying to purchase a ticket from a website not affiliated with the Lottery. Such websites could be fraudulent and we recommend not purchasing tickets from these websites.

  • mdlottery

    Could you be more specific with your comment? We would love to help you out, but need to know more details!

  • mdlottery

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for your suggestion. We will take it into consideration.

  • Uka

    Could the MD Lottery please re-install the old Lottery Finder. You are not addressing the concerns raised by the customers. This five-year schedule is not working out fine.


    Does this free Maryland Lottery app last or does it stop after awhile? What does FREE APP MEAN? I assumed Free

    • mdlottery

      Our app will always be free on both Apple and Android devices. Have you downloaded it yet?

  • Everette

    Mam oh man .I can hardly wait until I have that wining 4 or 5 hundred million dollar lottery ticket. Boy I can’t wait man!!!

  • Mary Inoussa

    Please restore the old system you had for displaying winning numbers since 1976. The current system is not helpful to people like me who use it in their handicapping to win the Maryland lottery many times.

  • Khristy Bennett

    Y is it hard to get bonus crossword game to work

    • mdlottery

      Hi Kristy-
      What exactly is the issue? Are you having these issues on the mobile app or on your desktop?

      • Khristy Bennett

        i downloaded the app and registered. I got my email with code and user name but when i go to click on it takes me no where… will not load

        • mdlottery

          What type of browser are you using, and do you know if it is the latest version of the browser? We would recommend updating your browser to the latest version if it is not already updated. Let us know if this helps.

  • Bobby Bone

    I’ve been all around my number 2436 it’s coming and hopefully I’ll have it when it comes we need it but i can’t play every day and the day’s I don’t play that’s when it comes out. But i’m not giving up ..

  • Floydh Sternjr

    I won’t change number and I keep number save always But i keep number always or same thing number and I will trying again

  • Mary L. Williams

    I agree with F WALKER. Please bring back the old system. Change is not always good, and in this instance, it is not. Before, you could put in your number, and it would take you all the way back to the beginning of the lottery; I believe that was in 1976. I really don’t like this date range requirement.
    Also, your Racetrax payout chart is not the best. I had printed up a chart before you changed it, and it is so much better than the one you have now.
    Thank you.


    I hate ‘NUMBERS FINDER’!!!; what happened to the capability of being able to look up winning numbers from prior years? Please put it back!

    • mdlottery

      You can still look up winning numbers from prior years with the new Numbers Finder. Please make sure you are selecting the correct date range.

      • Michael Brown

        As people have said, under the old number finding system, you could get all results for a particular number sequence for handicapping instantly in one move. Just enter the number sequence (e.g., Pick 3 number 123) and get every time it hit in the history of the Lottery. The new Numbers Finder restricts you to a 5-year date range, so you have to keep going back to the calendar and changing both the beginning and end date ranges over and over. Old system was far better.

  • Denise Norman

    Can I subscribe to match 5

  • Denise Norman

    Can I subscribe Match 5 for a month?

    • mdlottery

      Hi Denise-
      Unfortunately, we currently do not offer subscriptions for Bonus Match 5. However, we do offer subscriptions for Multi-Match and Bonus Match 5. Click here to view details for subscriptions.

  • Sonny Pasig Azurin

    I really appreciate your business thanks a lot God bless and Goodluck to me and you….

  • Marcia S. Heyman

    are there any plans to add the lottery rewards to the app so that codes can be entered on the go?
    Thanks, Marcia

  • mdlottery

    Hi Jermaine-
    The new mega millions format was added in the last app update. Please update the app to the latest version to use the new Mega Millions number generator.

  • Monty

    Good for you. It’s about time, too!
    I will download and try it.

  • Aaron Smith

    Downloaded the app today. About time MDLottery got in the technology game and created an app. I had been using another app to check the big 3 games.

  • sherrie dickerson

    I just wanna be a big winner just one time!! geez!!! I was playing this lottery for over 3 years now and never hit big!! this is my last year playing these lottery games. If it was meant for me, I would have won something by now!!!ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh