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  • mdlottery

    Right now the QR Codes are only for checking the ticket. In the future, we hope to possibly use the QR codes to scan in your My Lottery Rewards points.

  • matthew

    I have won 500$ on a 5$ scratch off ticket 2 Times so far hopefully the third time will be another 500$winner the third time is a charm

  • mdlottery

    We’re sorry you can’t find a self-scanner within your area. We recently introduced them into the market and you should be able to find them with ease as we continue to put more out into retailer stores. If you cannot find a self-scanner, any Lottery retailer will be able to check your ticket.

  • Warren Warfield

    Is there a bar code that allow you to scan second chance scratchoffs , the current way is to time consuming

    • mdlottery

      We are currently working on something similar to that idea. Stay tuned!

    • Sherell

      I have a huge stack of tickets that i need to enter but can’t seem to find the time…It would be nice to add a barcode scanner to the app. It’s easy putting in the scratch off codes but putting in the codes for the p3/p4 tickets is very time consuming and the point value is not very high.

      • mdlottery

        We are looking into ways to make this process easier, stay tuned!

  • ChrisTee

    you should add a barcode scanner to your app so we can check our tickets easily no matter where/when and quickly

    • mdlottery

      This is definitely something that we have been looking into. We will pass this along to our digital team.

      • ChrisTee


  • Florence

    Love playing bingo times 10at my favorite game loving it

  • Greg rouse

    I guess you were wrong they brought it back

  • Frida

    The app is great, is there anyway that it can be used to scan in the rewards points? How about bring back the subscription for buying lottery tickets.

    • mdlottery

      The app currently cannot be used to scan rewards points, but we will pass your suggestion along. As for subscriptions, we still have them available for Multi-Match and Mega Millions. You can find information on subscriptions here.

      • Jenn M

        that would be awesome. its a lot of typing when u get one point per ticket.. BTW I love MD lottery, with this wonderful program I am able to provide a nice set of presents for my sons. Thank you so much!

  • Greg rouse

    Hey can I get some free scratch offs for my great suggestion