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  • Warren Warfield

    Is there a bar code that allow you to scan second chance scratchoffs , the current way is to time consuming

    • mdlottery

      We are currently working on something similar to that idea. Stay tuned!

  • ChrisTee

    you should add a barcode scanner to your app so we can check our tickets easily no matter where/when and quickly

    • mdlottery

      This is definitely something that we have been looking into. We will pass this along to our digital team.

      • ChrisTee


  • Florence

    Love playing bingo times 10at my favorite game loving it

  • Greg rouse

    I guess you were wrong they brought it back

  • Frida

    The app is great, is there anyway that it can be used to scan in the rewards points? How about bring back the subscription for buying lottery tickets.

    • mdlottery

      The app currently cannot be used to scan rewards points, but we will pass your suggestion along. As for subscriptions, we still have them available for Multi-Match and Mega Millions. You can find information on subscriptions here.

      • Jenn M

        that would be awesome. its a lot of typing when u get one point per ticket.. BTW I love MD lottery, with this wonderful program I am able to provide a nice set of presents for my sons. Thank you so much!

  • Greg rouse

    Hey can I get some free scratch offs for my great suggestion