Multi-Match is a lotto-style game. For just $2.00, you get to play 18 numbers with four easy ways to match and win.  When you play Multi-Match, for each game you play, you will be able to select your first line of six numbers or you can choose Quick Pick. You will automatically receive two additional lines of six randomly selected numbers, for a total of 18 numbers. Plus, there are four different ways to win – one chance to win per line, that’s three ways to win and a fourth chance to win by combining the matches in all three lines.

The Lottery draws six numbers from one to 43 every Monday and Thursday night. If you match between three and five numbers on any one line you will win up to $1,000 for that line. If you match between five and 18 numbers total on all three lines combined, you will win up to $2,000 more. And, if you match all six on any one line you will win a jackpot that starts at $500,000 and goes up from there every time the big prize isn’t won.


Cash Option: $280 THOUSAND
Estimated Jackpot

Next Drawing: 06/17


  • 01
  • 03
  • 05
  • 24
  • 27
  • 43

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