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How to Play FAST PLAY

FAST PLAY games are like scratch-offs, without the scratching. You can purchase FAST PLAY games at any Maryland Lottery retailer either from a store clerk or a Maryland Lottery Vending Machine. Follow the rules on the ticket to see if you are a winner.

Winning FAST PLAY tickets must be cashed within 182 days of the ticket purchase date, which appears on the front of the ticket.

General FAST PLAY Game Rules

FAST PLAY Frequently Asked Questions

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What are FAST PLAY games?

FAST PLAY games are similar to scratch-offs but without the scratching. FAST PLAY games come in a variety of themes and price points. FAST PLAY tickets are printed by Lottery terminals and self-service vending machines. Each game has its own prize structure. Play instructions are printed on each ticket.

How do you play FAST PLAY games?

Once you purchase a FAST PLAY game, just follow the play instructions printed on the front of the ticket and see if you’ve won. Play instructions for each game are also available on by clicking the “How to Play” link next to each game on the FAST PLAY game page.

How many FAST PLAY games are there?

Please see the FAST PLAY games page on or the MD Lottery app for a list of all currently available FAST PLAY games and game information. Approximately every three months, new FAST PLAY games will be launched with a variety of themes and play styles.

How much can you win on FAST PLAY games?

Each game has a range of prize amounts. Top prizes range from $250 to over $250,000. There are also FAST PLAY Progressive Jackpot games where the progressive jackpot grows until a progressive jackpot-winning ticket is sold. Please see the “FAST PLAY Progressive Jackpot Games” FAQ below for more information.

FAST PLAY Progressive Jackpot Games

Some FAST PLAY games feature Progressive Jackpots. On these games, the progressive jackpot amount grows with the sale of each ticket until a progressive jackpot-winning ticket is sold. The jackpot amount will then reset to the base amount for that game.

How do I find out the current progressive jackpots on FAST PLAY progressive jackpot games?

The current estimated FAST PLAY Progressive Jackpot amounts are updated every 15 minutes at, on the MD Lottery mobile app and on the Maryland Lottery retailer’s monitor near the register. It will also be displayed on all Maryland Lottery Vending Machines. Up-to-the-minute Progressive Jackpot amounts are printed on tickets. The Progressive Jackpot amounts will be updated at, the MD Lottery mobile app, and on Maryland Lottery retailers’ monitors to the base amount shortly after a Progressive Jackpot is won.

How do you purchase FAST PLAY games?

FAST PLAY games can be purchased at any Maryland Lottery retailer, either from a store clerk or a Maryland Lottery self-service vending machine.

Using a self-service vending machine, select “FAST PLAY Games” from the home screen. After you select, “Fast Play Games,” the names of all FAST PLAY games that are currently available will be displayed, sorted by price. Press any game name to view the ticket, insert cash and purchase the ticket.

To purchase at the register, ask the store clerk for a FAST PLAY game. The clerk will display the names of all available FAST PLAY games on the display monitor near the counter, sorted by price. Select the game you want to purchase and the clerk will print the ticket for you.

How do you know if you’ve won?

Just follow the play instructions printed on the ticket to see if you are a winner. Here are some examples of FAST PLAY game play instructions:

[$1 HOT DICE] For this game, when the total of your roll is higher than the hot roll, the player wins the prize shown next to that roll.

[$2 CHERRY TWIST] On this game, a player must get three identical symbols in the same horizontal spin to win the prize shown. If a player receives a cherry symbol, the player automatically wins the prize shown on that spin.

To verify that your ticket is a winner, use a ticket checker at any Maryland Lottery retailer or use the Maryland Lottery mobile app to scan the ticket.

What should I do if a Maryland Lottery self-service vending machine misprints or fails to print my FAST PLAY ticket?

Before leaving the store, please speak to the store employee on duty and ask them to alert the manager. Retail managers are able to address most routine issues involving self-service vending machines.

How long do I have to cash a winning FAST PLAY ticket?

Winning FAST PLAY tickets must be cashed within 182 days of the ticket purchase date, which appears on the front of the ticket.

Are FAST PLAY tickets eligible for My Lottery Rewards?

Yes. All FAST PLAY tickets (winning and non-winning) can be entered into your My Lottery Rewards account.

P Progressive Play

Progressive Jackpot:

The Progressive FAST PLAY games have jackpots that grow at a pre-determined rate every time a ticket has been sold. Each jackpot starts at a minimum prize amount and then resets to the minimum prize amount whenever a Progressive Jackpot is hit. Up-to-the-minute progressive jackpot amounts are printed on tickets.

Progressive Prize Restrictions and Additional Rules:

  1. The Game Rules for this Progressive FAST PLAY Game apply, including all prizes over $600 will be paid after proper validation.
  2. A predetermined amount from the sale of each progressive ticket will be accumulated in the Progressive Jackpot amount.
  3. Prize Amount: The amount of the Progressive Jackpot at the time a ticket is purchased can only be verified through the Lottery’s system. Any materials describing the amount of the Progressive Jackpot are only valid as of the same time they are posted. If any discrepancy exists between this notice and any material describing or advertising the game, this notice and the data contained in the Lottery’s system shall govern.
  4. The Progressive Jackpot and all other prizes are subject to availability at the time of purchase. The Lottery is not responsible for prizes that are not awarded due to technical issues. In the event of a Progressive Jackpot being reset without the actual sale of a Progressive Jackpot -winning ticket, all prize money that had accumulated into the Progressive Jackpot pool from the sale of each ticket shall be awarded as a part of the next Progressive Jackpot won.

General FAST PLAY Game Rules:

  • When you win a prize valued at $600 or less, see any Maryland Lottery retailer for payment. To receive payment by mail, see below.
  • Prizes greater than $600 will be paid after proper validation. Proper identification is required. See any Maryland Lottery retailer or Maryland Lottery Customer Resource Center for information on processing. To receive payment by mail, request a claim form from the Maryland Lottery Customer Resource Center, Montgomery Park Business Center, 1800 Washington Blvd., Suite 330, Baltimore, MD 21230 or download claim form at
  • All prizes must be claimed within 182 days of the date printed on the ticket.
  • On average, estimated probability of winning will vary from game to game. See FAST PLAY games page for individual estimated probability of winning and more.
  • Chances of winning and the number of winning tickets are established before ticket sales begin, and will change as prizes are won. Tickets may continue to be sold after all top prize tickets have been sold.
  • All winners, tickets and transactions are subject to Maryland Lottery rules, regulations and state law. Tickets that are mutilated, altered, or irregular in any manner, or otherwise fail to meet validation or security requirements, are void. Maryland Lottery’s liability for void or non-conforming tickets, if any, is limited to replacement of ticket. Maryland Lottery not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. Persons altering any ticket are subject to prosecution. PLAYERS MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER TO BUY, PLAY OR CASH TICKETS.

The Maryland Lottery® encourages responsible play. For confidential help or information at any time about gambling problems, please visit or call 1-800-GAMBLER.

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