• Eddie Staples
    Conowingo, MD

  • Ginger Keogh
    Brooklyn Park, MD

  • Yolanda Drumwright
    Baltimore, MD

  • Teresa Hutchins
    Aberdeen, MD

  • Steven Tyler
    Ocean Pines, MD
  • jennifer

    Fingers crossed

  • dinita

    Fingers crossed…it would be a ‘right on time blessing’!!!

  • mdlottery

    The drawing has occurred, please check back soon to view the winner!

    • LuckyBowieLady

      No winner here :-( Maybe next drawing

  • April

    Hope I win. Could really use the money!!!!

  • susan clayton

    I have been playing the MD lottery for over 24 years. 3 digit, multi match, mega million, powerball, bonus match 5 and scratch offs. I’ve won 5, 10, 20, 50, and may a one time 100 bucks. definitely does not add up the money I put into the lottery. I have a destiny that one day I will hit big. Its a terrible thought I too count on winning. lol. I guess this is the way the cookie crumbles. got to play to win.

  • LuckyBowieLady

    Fingers crossed!

  • Don Carlo

    Just reading the comments below. I can relate to all of you. I play scratch-offs almost daily. The most I’ve one was $50. Sigh. I actually count on winning the lottery which is the dumbest thing. I’m grateful though!


    fingers crossed :)

  • Mercy Blue

    I’ve bought two packs of the monopoly game and haven’t won nothing big and I never do! For three months I bought 5 packs of tickets for $1500 and haven’t won nothing big, all I tell myself is one day I will win big!!!

    • robert

      Ha now i hit the numbers sometimes it is a funny way but it work for me.

  • dinita

    All I need is a 2nd chance…it would definitely turn things around for me!! #FingersCrossed #OnAHope&APrayer

  • William Hyson

    How exactly do you select an online winner ? , And Could I also win if I was logged out of the Md. Lottery site or do I have to be logged in ? In other words , does it matter if you are logged in or not at the time of the drawing ?

    • mdlottery

      Hi William-
      You do not need to be logged into your My Lottery Rewards account during the drawing. The online winners are selected by one of the Lottery’s business partners. Once you enter your tickets into My Lottery Rewards, there is nothing else you need to do on your end. Good luck!

  • gatorj

    MD LOTTERY: Consider spreading out the bonus drawing distribution. For each drawing, Make it (1) $25,000, (4) $5,000 and then five at $1,000. You would have ten people per drawing that could tell people they won ! Trust me,plenty of people would be happy with a thousand dollars.

    • Jacqueline Brewington

      ikr I sure could use a grand or 2 for all the money I have lost trying to win the grand prize!

  • Nikki Randall

    I just bought 8 consecutive Monopolies and didn’t win anything! I’ll be so mad if the next ticket is a big winner! :( Oh well, I’ll keep playing until I win!

    • gatorj

      They factor in the second chance drawings when they determine how many winning tickets will be printed. Total prize pool, minus second chance pool equals what is left for winning tickets.

  • Kristine

    What is the second chance entry? I entered my non winning monopoly ticket and it said that i have wond 3 entries? what is entries? and what is the second chance thing? i don’t understand

    • mdlottery

      Hi Kristine- The second chance entry gives you another chance to win $50,000. Each month until June, we will draw a name from the second-chance entries to win the $50,000 prize. There are 3 drawings left. Let us know if you have anymore questions.

  • Jim Crabtree

    Can you enter all of the 2nd chance games with the same scratch numbers?

    • mdlottery

      Jim- No, you cannot. Most online second chance contests revolve around a specific ticket. For example, you must enter a Monopoly ticket into My Lottery Rewards in order to be entered into the Monopoly contest. A Monopoly ticket cannot be used to enter the Orioles second-chance contest. Hope this helps.

  • shaunte

    Scratch offs and second chance Is all crazy! You never win big pay outs unless u live in a certain part of MD…The more tickets you buy the less you win anything or even anything on second chance prizes! I rather take my money and give to the homeless shelters I am no longer a believer in lottery! Good luck to those of you out there that do win!

  • Charda Tisa Burrell

    I don’t care for the online games, I guess cause I never win…lol but I play any way hoping for a payoff!

  • nabi

    They have no ID or SSC. They carry international
    passport. They are maybe buisness man, Student,

  • nabi

    If they visitors will win magamillion what rule.

    • mdlottery

      Please read over our Claims page which specifies what one needs in order to claim their prize. If you have any questions, please contact our claims department at 410-230-8730.

  • nabi

    I want to know can any non immegrant or visitor atend or play your lottery

    • mdlottery

      Yes you can play, but if you win anything over a $600 you must claim with an ID and social security card.