$30,000 Winning Mega Millions Ticket Almost Thrown Away

Lifetime player stumbles across winning Lottery ticket

A loyal player from Laurel who chose to remain anonymous told Lottery officials he’s “keeping his truck clean” after winning $30,000 on a forgotten Mega Millions quick-pick ticket.

The construction worker had visited Royal Farms #135 located at 8859 Harmony Road in Caroline County on Oct. 5, 2023. Grabbing a few Mega Millions tickets before heading to work is a part of his routine. Winning $30,000 after almost throwing away his ticket is “something I could never get used to and didn’t expect.”

As he was cleaning out his truck, the player stumbled across the tickets for the Oct. 6, 2023 drawing. He decided to see if any of them were winners before disposing of them. The lucky player scanned almost 15 tickets, finding only non-winners until he got to the last ticket. He had added an extra $1 for the Megaplier option, which tripled the third-tier prize to $30,000.

He scanned the ticket several times for confirmation and was shocked to see he indeed won. The winner quickly got into his vehicle, signed the ticket and stashed it in his wallet to keep it safe. Although he wanted to boast about his win, he restricted sharing the good news to his wife and a few close friends.

Asked what he plans to do with his prize, the winner quickly replied, “I plan to pay my bills and invest for my retirement that’s right around the corner.”