$500 Prize Turns into $50,000 Win for Nottingham Grocery Retiree

Baltimore County woman hits it big with Hot 777 scratch-off

A Nottingham player was happy when she thought she won $500 on a Hot 777 scratch-off. She was shocked to learn she was actually on her way to a $50,000 prize.

The retired grocery store worker likes to play scratch-offs in her spare time and realized she won after the first item she scratched off on her instant ticket revealed a $500 prize. Just for confirmation, she decided to scan her ticket at a Lottery retailer.

When she received the message “Go to Lottery,” she was stunned.

“I needed to know what was under the rest of my ticket,” said the Baltimore County resident.

She continued to scratch off the $20 game and discovered there were multiple $1,000 and $10,000 prizes she had missed. When she added it all up, she realized she was a big winner.

“I couldn’t believe it was $50,000,” she said with excitement.

The lucky lady is undecided on how she is going to spend the second-tier prize, but said it will most likely go into the bank.

The winning scratch-off was sold by Baltimore County’s Weis #123, located at 4126 East Joppa Road in Baltimore. This is the second $50,000 winner revealed on the Hot 777 instant ticket; six prizes remain. The game’s top prize is $1,000,000. Five of the six top prizes are still available after one $1,000,000 winner was claimed.

The Hot family of games continues to heat up , with three of the games ranked two through four on the Maryland Lottery top 40 scratch-off games. Other members of the Hot family of games include: $1 Hot 7s, $2 Hot 7s Doubler, $3 Red Hot Cash, $5 Hot 7s Tripler and $10 Hot 7s Multiplier.