$50,000 FAST PLAY Winner Saying Goodbye to Car Loan

Finds first top prize on Double Win game

A Western Maryland woman plans to pay off her car loan with the $50,000 prize she won playing a new FAST PLAY game. A fan of both scratch-offs and FAST PLAY tickets, the mother of two spotted the new Double Win ticket in a 7-Eleven Lottery vending machine in Frostburg.

“I thought, ‘I will try this new game,’” the winner recalled. The busy 7-Eleven #36161 had lots of customers so she looked at the game as it came out of the machine, spotted her $50,000 win in the game’s first line and quietly left the building.

In her car, the Allegany County resident pulled up the Lottery app on her smartphone and scanned the ticket’s barcode. “The prize popped up and all of these zeros were coming up,” she said.

Having errands to run before she could go home, the lucky lady proceeded with her day. “I had the ticket sitting beside me in the passenger seat because I wanted to stare at it,” she said, smiling. But the ticket quickly got repositioned when she opened her door at her next stop and encountered a strong breeze. “The wind came along and I shut the door really quickly,” she recalled.

The happy player has only told one daughter and her husband about her Lottery luck and plans to keep the win a secret. Most of the prize will go to pay off the loan on the new-to-her vehicle she is driving, the winner said.

Her lucky FAST PLAY Double Win game went on sale July 3 with 20 top prizes. She found the first top prize. This $5 game also has 20 $5,000 prizes and others ranging from $5 to $500.