For 50 years,
it’s been fun and
games around here.
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On May 15, 1973, the first player bought the first Maryland Lottery ticket. Since then, millions more people have played and more than $31.5 billion has been won. It’s been a half-century of huge fun.

We’re celebrating with exciting prizes and promotions!

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Gold Multiplier Scratch-Offs

Ticket on Sale 2/20

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Ticket on Sale 2/20

50 Years! Scratch-Off

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50th Anniversary Cash Bash

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Home Run Riches Contestant of the Game

Ticket on Sale 3/20

Frogger Scratch-Off

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Maryland Riches Scratch-Off

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Maryland Lottery Logo Scratch-Off

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Special Ticket Coming April 24

Promotion Date 5/24

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50th Anniversary TV Commercial

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Lottery Retrospective

The Maryland Lottery paid more than

The Lottery is proud to fulfill our mission of generating revenue to support the state’s good causes for five decades.

Former Maryland Lottery Executives gather to commemorate the 50th Anniversary and share stories about how the organization has grown to support the good causes of the State of Maryland.