Annapolis Woman Weak in the Knees, Almost Weeping Over $50,007 Win

A $50,007 Powerball win stunned this loyal Lottery player from Annapolis.

Federal employee claims third-tier Powerball prize in March 4 drawing

She purchased her lucky Powerball ticket in early March, an employee of the federal government told Lottery officials. A frequent player of all of the Lottery’s offerings, the Annapolis resident picked her game that day based on the size of the Powerball jackpot, which has since climbed to $687 million.

The anonymous player, who for purposes of publicity is using the nickname “Cher,” said she buys tickets whenever she is in a store that sells them. She waits to check for a win until they pile up.

“I don’t check the tickets until they no longer fit in the Lottery pocket in my purse,” she said. It seems that “Cher” ran out of room in the Lottery pocket early last week. When she scanned that Powerball ticket from the March 4 drawing, she was met with a message she’d never seen before. The Anne Arundel County resident then turned to the clerk at Giant #167 in Annapolis for help.

“Her eyes got so big when she checked my ticket on the Lottery terminal,” the winner reported. “She said, ‘We can’t cash that here.’” Overcome with surprise and emotion, the lucky lady headed for the parking lot.

“Between the clerk’s reaction and what she told me, I figured that I’d won pretty big. My knees were weak and I was trying not to cry, but I held it together until I got in my car.”

“Cher” won a $50,000 third-tier prize in the drawing plus another $7 in winnings. Paying medical bills and tackling a home improvement project top the to-do list for our winner’s $50,007 third-tier prize. She has Giant #167 at 948 Bay Ridge Road in Annapolis to thank for her memorable Powerball experience.