Anne Arundel County Racetrax Player Scores $36,491 Superfecta Win

Racetrax cements its place as her favorite Lottery game

She’s a daily Racetrax player, a retired health department official told Lottery officials on Thursday, only days after her most recent five-figure win. And while the Severn woman doesn’t win every day, the frequency with which the simulated horse-racing game rewards her affection is noteworthy.

“I have several number combinations that I play regularly,” she explained. “But every once in a while, something tells me to play different numbers.”

The 58-year-old sees these messages as being of divine origin. The inspiration for the Superfecta wager that produced her $36,491 Racetrax win came to her in this unusual fashion, she said, and it’s not the first time. “I’ve learned to listen to this voice.”

The mother of three placed a $1 Superfecta bet for 20 races on the 11, 2, 9 and 8 horses to finish in that order and they did! The probability was 54,792.42 to 1.

“I won $33,000 just last year, playing numbers that I never had before and never would have without them just appearing in my head. I thanked God then and I do now.” The Racetrax fan loves the game. “It’s not just because of these wins. I really enjoy playing. It’s my favorite hobby.”

The Anne Arundel County woman plans to use her winnings to help her children, each of whom has recently made a big purchase or plans to do so soon. “I see this as money sent from heaven, so sharing it with my family seems like the perfect way to use it.”

The good folks from Southgate Liquors in Anne Arundel County will receive a $364.91 bonus for selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more. The bonus is equal to 1% of the prize. Stop by and try your Racetrax luck at the store, which is located at 314 Hospital Drive in Glen Burnie.