Baltimore County Baker Rolling in Dough after $25,000 Win

“Happy Baker” of Windsor Mill has more dough than usual after winning $25,000 on a 50-cent straight bet in the Pick 5 game.

Birthday trip to Atlantic City, N.J., on horizon

A baker from Windsor Mill is rolling in extra dough after winning $25,000 playing Pick 5.

Going by the nickname “Happy Baker” for purposes of sharing her story, the anonymous winner is a dedicated player of the twice-daily Pick 3, 4 and 5 games. She has won smaller amounts playing boxed numbers on Pick 5 and also scored a $2,700 Pick 4 prize playing her birth year on a 50-cent boxed/50-cent straight ticket.

For this lucky Pick 5 purchase, “Happy Baker” played her numbers as usual for three days of midday and evening drawings. She placed a 50-cent straight bet on 21494 for drawings spanning June 8-10. Following her routine, she checks to see if she won when she arrives at work. “Then I say, ‘Do I want to go to work?’”

Her answer is always yes, even when she wins! The 60-year-old says she’s a baker at heart. The Baltimore County woman has been baking for 35 years and plans to continue as long as her fingers still work. These days, she’s a bakery manager at a suburban grocery store.

“Happy Baker” has no special plans for her prize, but is considering taking a weekend birthday trip in the autumn to Atlantic City, N.J. with her husband to try her luck in the casinos. Asked if she would also continue trying her luck playing the Lottery, she replied: “Of course!”

Sharing in her good fortune is Plaza Exxon gas station at 6816 Reisterstown Road in Baltimore. The Baltimore County business picks up a bonus of $250, equal to 1% of the prize.