Baltimore Crossword Scratch-off Player Wins $50,000

Plans to buy new set of wheels with prize

A happy Baltimore resident arrived at Maryland Lottery headquarters this week to claim a $50,000 prize won on the $500,000 Crossword scratch-off.

The 41-year-old stated that he planned to use the money to purchase a new car and go on vacation. Although he doesn’t know for sure where he will go, the winner noted that he has always looked forward to going to Europe.

He found the lucky scratch-off at 7-Eleven #24552 on 630 West 33rd Street in Baltimore.

The $500,000 Crossword instant ticket went on sale in September 2019. Three of the eight top prizes of $500,000 remain unclaimed. Our lucky winner is the eighth winner of a $50,000 second-tier prize and two prizes remain. There are also seven unclaimed prizes of $10,000 awaiting discovery along with thousands of prizes ranging from $20 to $1,000.