Baltimore Man ‘Thrilled’ by $50,000 Pick 5 Lottery Win

Playing his date of birth pays off big for veteran

A loyal player who has won some fairly substantial Maryland Lottery prizes over the years added a $50,000 Pick 5 prize to his record this week.

The Baltimore man placed a $1 straight bet on eight midday and evening drawings from Feb. 25-28 using numbers linked to his date of birth. He won the top prize in the midday drawing on Feb. 27.

“I am so thrilled,” he said.

A veteran who has been retired for eight years, the winner says his big score will allow him to more thoroughly enjoy life, as it allows him to settle some outstanding issues.

“I’ve got that off my back. It’s going to be OK,” he said while claiming his prize at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

Sharing in his good fortune is The Spot at 1101 St. Paul Street in Baltimore. The retailer that sold the $50,000-winning ticket receives a bonus of $500 – equal to 1% of the prize – from the Lottery.