Baltimore Nursing Student Charts $100,000 Scratch-off Surprise

First Lottery purchase pays off big

She woke up feeling lucky that day in a way she never had before, a Baltimore woman told Lottery officials. When the day ended, she was $100,000 richer, thanks to a Maryland Riches scratch-off. It was the first Lottery ticket the nursing student ever bought.

“I stopped for gas that morning and noticed a Lottery sign at the station,” she said. The 29-year-old had surely seen many Lottery store signs in her life, but that lucky feeling was still with her, and the possible Lottery connection suddenly clicked. “I walked in and asked the guy which was the luckiest ticket he had. Without a pause, he pointed to Maryland Riches, so that was the one.”

Lots of lucky circumstances surrounded the nursing student that day. First, she chose the Oak Street Oceanic station to fill up her gas tank. Next, the store carried the $10 Maryland Riches game, the clerk recommended it, she bought it and the scratch-off contained one of the game’s nine top prizes.

“I scratched the ticket right there, and the guy pointed to the scanner when I asked him how to know if I’d won.” Asked about her reaction to news of her win, the lucky lady said, “I felt the biggest smile on my face” and said she thanked the heavens for her big win.

This is not the first big Lottery prize-winning ticket sold by Oak Street Station Oceanic customers. For its role in the selling a $100,000 winning scratch-off, the store located at 2040 North Howard Street in Baltimore will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery. Maryland Riches, which debuted in March, still has six remaining top prizes as well as 21 $10,000 second-tier winners still in circulation.