Birthday Digits Give Loyal Player a $50,000 Pick 5 Win

Havre de Grace man wins big after years of playing

A Harford County man saw his childhood prediction that he would win a big Lottery prize come true for a second time! He scored a $50,000 Pick 5 prize playing birthday numbers.

The winner, who chose to remain anonymous, selected the nickname “Doc” to share the story of his Lottery luck. His family gave him that nickname when he was growing up, the Havre de Grace resident said. He has played Lottery games since age 21 and Pick 5 is his favorite, although he sometimes buys Powerball and Mega Millions tickets when the jackpots are high.

As a child, he predicted he would win the Lottery and now says the words “I am a winner” aloud each time he plays. “Doc” considers this to be a manifestation practice.

On May 1, “Doc” played $1 straight on the digits 01027 for the midday and evening drawings while at Aberdeen’s 607 Food Mart / Sunoco. “I wasn’t expecting to win anything,” he said.

He played the family birthday because he didn’t think he would win using random numbers. Doc went about his day and forgot to check the numbers after the evening drawing. The next day, as he was leaving work, he phoned his mother and only then remembered to check for a win.

“Doc” recalls pausing in surprise on the phone call when he realized he won. After sharing the news of his $50,000 prize with his mother, he followed her suggestion to verify the big win at a Lottery retailer. He returned to the Sunoco station, where a clerk confirmed the prize.

“I stood there for a second frozen,” “Doc” said. “I did not believe what I was hearing.” He wanted to scream and share his excitement but decided to remain quiet and has only shared the great news with his wife and close family members.

Asked how he plans on spending the windfall, “Doc” said he will save most of the money after doing something nice for his family. He also plans to keep playing Pick 5. “A win is a win! I thought about giving up before but I’m more motivated than ever to win again.”

“Doc” isn’t alone in his celebration. The retailer that sold the winning Pick 5 ticket, 607 Food Mart / Sunoco, is located at 607 South Philadelphia Boulevard in Aberdeen. The Harford County retailer will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a $50,000-winning Pick 5 ticket.