Bowie Woman Follows Dad in Keno Winning Ways with $100K Score

Super Bonus option adds two zeroes to what would have been $1,000

A woman from Bowie learned to play Keno from her dad, but winning $100,000 came naturally.

Fittingly, her dad accompanied her Jan. 5 when she claimed her big prize.

“I like to play the Lottery with my dad,” she said. The Keno game appeals to her since she can play numbers as they strike her fancy, be it a date or a few digits she keeps seeing. Sometimes she applies the same logic to Pick 3 and Pick 4, but the payoff isn’t nearly as good as winning $100,000.

The winner picked the six-spot game, going with 02-04-06-07-16-17, and also added the super bonus option. The super bonus turned what would have been a much smaller $1,000 win into a much more auspicious six-digit total.

Her dad, who has had his share of Keno wins said he is “on sabbatical” from the game at the moment, but he’ll probably be back to Lottery headquarters soon enough to claim a big prize.

As for what the winner said she’ll be doing with her $100,000, she said she wants to share it with her family. She recently settled her student loans and in appreciation for that debt being resolved, she wants to share her blessings.

She bought the big ticket at the Forbes BP gas station at 9701 Annapolis Road in Lanham. The gas station receives a bonus of $1,000, equal to 1% of the prize value.